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Meet Dylan Cimbura-Hernandez, LMFT

Dylan Cimbura-Hernandez

I started my own therapy journey over a decade ago. After investing in myself, I realized that helping others do the same was what I wanted to do with my life. I earned my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. I chose to study at Antioch University in Los Angeles, CA, a school that takes pride in its social justice approach to learning. I then completed my training at Airport Marina Counseling Service in Westchester, CA, where I learned to work with clients through a psychodynamic lens. During that time I worked with a diverse range of adults and also met with children at Boys and Girls Club of Venice. Upon completing my training I started working with children, families and adults at Wellnest in South Los Angeles. I have also worked with clients struggling with homelessness at St. Joseph Center in Santa Monica, CA. I now live in Humboldt County where I own and operate a small group practice, Humboldt Therapy. I see clients in person at my office located in Eureka, CA and via telehealth throughout the state of California. After seven years of working in the field I now provide clinical supervision for adolescent therapists working towards their licensure and are interested in providing therapy through a feminist/anti-racist/LGBTQIA affirmative lens. I like all my clients to know that I attend my own therapy and participate regularly in professional consult groups to ensure I am keeping my skill level high in order to better help them.

In addition to being a therapist, I am white passing Latinx woman, mother, pro-choice supporter, believer of science and wife.

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